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List git commits in terminal

List git commits in terminal

To get a pretty list of all your commit in your mac terminal use this command:

 The list will than look like this:

What to do when you lost your administrator password to your mac

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I recently had to get into a mac but I didn’t have the password to do that. All you need to do apparently is boot from the install cd you got with your mac and choose reset password from the menu where you can also find the disk utility.

How to remove all subversion .svn files and folders

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Recently my cornerstone (a subversion client) got corrupted and I couldn‘t checkout my working copy. So I had to remove all of the .svn folders and files by hand. A very labour-intensive job if your website consists of about 3000 files. Terminal to the rescue: just go to your folder, containing all the subversion files, in the terminal and type…

Some useful mac shortcuts

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command option eject: This puts your mac fast to sleep control shift eject: turns off your screen command shift 4: I use this to measure pixels, but it‘s intended to make screenshots command option d: show and hide the dock Control Eject: Restart, Sleep, Shutdown dialog box Control command D: Looks up a word in the dictionary. A reasonably unknown shortcut in my opinion. You can use…

Terminal tips for Finder

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Terminal tips for Finder

Because I use so many folders and files, I often find myself lost in my hard drive. To enable the pathview in the Finder just type this in the terminal: 

 after doing this you need to restart your Finder. Do this by typing in: 

 (mind the capital F) to disable this, just replace the YES by NO.  …