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Customize the wordpress admin and login page

Category : PHP, Wordpress · by Nov 1st, 2012

Customizing the login section

If you want to remove the standard WordPress logo from the admin login section you’ll need to load a new CSS file and override the standard login CSS styles.

 This will load the file login.css from your active theme folder. You now can override the standard css. 

To remove the WordPress logo from the login section use this css:

If you want to change the background-color for example you can use the body.login css selector. I just use Firebug or webinspector to find these selectors.

If you just want to alter your admin logo, you could also just add this to your functions.php 

 This will add a style tag to your page’s head.

Customizing the  admin section

To change the admin section its style you proceed in the same manner as with the login section. Add these lines to your theme’s function.php file



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