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How to do a network IP range scan with NMAP

Category : Mac and Apple stuff · by Nov 1st, 2012

First of all you need to install NMAP which you can do from this website

After running the  NMAP installer you should restart your shell.

You can do a network ip range scan like this

 This wil scan the whole ip range of to

If you want to specify a range like to

 This will take a while. This is an example of the result you’ll get

Ip range scan with NMAP


Or if you are on a mac you could just download the LanScan application to do this :)

You can download LanScan here


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6 years ago · Reply

thanks bro!! !! !! 😀

6 years ago · Reply

Dear how can i check which ports are open ?

    2 years ago · Reply

    Use zenmap

5 years ago · Reply

Use nmap again with parameter: -sS

nmap -sS

Dinesh Kanala
3 years ago · Reply

 How to prevent from pinging host and what is the meaning of stealth?

2 years ago · Reply

Hello Steven, Did you ever use Zenmap, the GUI version of NMAP. if yes, what are the challenges you faced while using it and can you name any two recommendations to improve the zenmap tool?.

john m
2 years ago · Reply

how can i check for 4 cctv cameras using ip’s from a specific range?

Farid Saeedi
1 year ago · Reply


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