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Installing and configuring the Oh My ZSH shell

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I love using Oh My ZSH in my terminal to use with GIT. This works faster than GIT UI programs like Tower. First of all you need to install ZSH and afterwards install Oh My ZSH. The minimum zsh version required for Oh My ZSH is 4.3.9

Install ZSH first:

Git is required. If you don’t have git installed you can download it from this location

Installing Oh My ZSH via CURL

Or install Oh My ZSH via WGET

If you don’t already have a ~/.zshrc file. You can create a file with that filename

Afterwards you can set ohmyzsh as your default shell:

 All you need to do then is restart your terminal and it should be using ohmyzsh than. You can tweak your ohmyzsh in the .zshrc file. This is what my .zshrc file looks like:

 Here you can find a list of plugins to enable in your oh-my-zsh: 

I just used the git plugin here. Your terminal should now look something like this

Install Oh My ZSH


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Evan T.
6 years ago · Reply

I was having troubles setting zsh to my default shell using chshs/bin/zsh rather I had to input   


4 years ago · Reply

hihow can set oh my zsh as defult for git ?

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