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Limit the number of post revisions in WordPress

Category : PHP, Wordpress · by Feb 17th, 2013

For each saved edit made to a post or a page, WordPress saves a revision in the database. This can really increase the size of your database when your working with a lot of posts or pages. WordPress has a built-in revisions option which you can set in the wp-config.php file. You can also disable revisions altogether.

To disable revisions completely: 

 To limit the amount of revisions:

You could also just download the Revisions plugin 

That way you can set the revisions number from the admin section.

 Revisions plugin WordPress


WordPress also saves an auto-save revision when editing a post or page. You can set the interval of this auto-save function. By default it saves a revision every 60 seconds. 

Set the auto-save interval:



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Useful stuff. Came in handy. Thanks! :)

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Really thanks.

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