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Remove the ‘screen options’ and ‘Help’ from the WordPress admin section

Category : PHP, Wordpress · by Nov 4th, 2012

Removing the ‘Screen options’ tab

You can remove the ‘screen options’ tab completely from your WordPress admin area by adding this to your theme’s function.php file

Removing the ‘Help’ tab

You can also remove the ‘Help’ tab from the admin area in the same manner:



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Jagdeep Bhuyan
6 years ago · Reply

Thanks buddy. Its great…… worked perfectly for me…….Thanks again

6 years ago · Reply

Thank you! Just what I needed!
5 years ago · Reply

amazing, simple trick but give more effect …

thx brother

Andreas Zech
2 years ago · Reply

What I do, when i remove only the rule of editor, author and the rest? only not administrator or the super admin user xy?

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